Placing the Right Hound in the Right Home


An Important Message from Keystone Greyhounds
October 2016 - An update from Dianne Shadle on the transition of Keystone Greyhounds

On October 10 Jim and I met with Pam Webb and her board to finalize the transition to West Virginia. We turned over the Keystone van to her at that time. Our assets have been or will be transferred to Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoptions very soon. Some of the equipment (live trap, crates, food, etc.) remained in Pa and was donated to other adoption groups. Jim and I are members of Pam's board, so we are still involved with greyhound adoption, just not running the group.

In the near future we will finalize the details for taking care of ongoing support and returns.

If you want to adopt a greyhound from Wheeling, contact Dianne at and she will give you the details and set you up with Pam Webb. This is only for previous Keystone adopters.

It is our hope that Keystone adopters will support Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoptions, as they are now a 501c3. Their web site will be up soon and we will keep you updated. We are very comfortable with our decision to entrust Keystone's assets to Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoptions. We have worked closely with Pam for the last 6 years, and have absolute confidence in her and her board.

August 2016 - An update on our transition

Just an update to let you know what's going on. Keystone Greyhounds is still legally in existence. Problems and returns are being dealt with as usual. If an adopter has concerns, Alysia, Judy and Dianne are addressing those concerns for now. We will have a plan in place when we dissolve for support, returns, and lost dogs. That is forthcoming.

We are working on transferring legal ownership of our group to Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption and Pam Webb in West Virginia. We are getting closer. When that is done, we hope to transfer our 501c3 and our assets to her. No idea how long that will take. Much of our physical "stuff" is now with Pam and she is very appreciative of all we've given her. We plan to meet with Pam and her board in the coming months to finalize all the details.

We are working with Pam on a procedure whereby in the future approved Keystone adopters can adopt a dog from Wheeling. Adopters will need to drive to Wheeling to get a vetted unfostered dog directly from the adoption kennel. The plus side is that you are able to choose the dog. This plan is not in place yet, we will keep you posted.

Bills and a few contributions continue to come in, so it's business as usual.

There were 50 orders for 2017 Celebrating Greyhound calenders. The proceeds of that sale will go to Pam at Wheeling.

We will continue to support Wheeling Greyhound adoption with donations, Amazon Smiles, and Walk For A Dog, etc.

We thank you for your support and understanding as we go through this transition. We are very comfortable handing over our group to Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption and Pam Webb and her board.

Please stay in touch and feel free to share on Keystone Greyhounds' face book page. Also, we are encouraging our membership to help Personalized Greyhounds with fostering and volunteering. They are very appreciative of our help.

July 2016

We are in the process of transferring our assets and some of our responsibilities to Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption. This process is a lengthy one and will not happen overnight. In the meantime, with the exception of new adoptions and promoting adoption through meet and greets, Keystone will continue doing business. This includes meeting our financial and support responsibilities. There are bills to be paid, insurance, car maintenance, financial support for special needs dogs, etc.
  • Questions and concerns with dogs adopted from Keystone will be answered.
  • We have made arrangements for previous adopters to get dogs from the adoption kennel at Wheeling. They will be vetted but not fostered. If you are interested, simply contact Dianne.
  • Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption will be handling returns.
  • The lost dog program will be in place forever, until the last Keystone dog is gone.
  • We hope to have a reunion of adopters and their dogs in the spring.
  • Keystone's Face Book page will continue, hopefully with YOUR pictures, stories about our dogs.
  • Keystone's web site will be on line as a source of information until the transition is completed.
  • We are hoping for a final edition of our Needle Nose News.
When the transition is complete, we will inform you of how the lost dog, support and adoption plans will work. We promise to keep you informed of our progress as the details develop. There are several greyhound groups in our area who, I'm sure, would welcome your volunteer help if you feel you want to continue to work with Greyhounds.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding.

If you have questions, concerns, etc. contact Dianne at or call 717 234 1860 and your questions will be answered.

June 2016

After 12 wonderful, successful years of adopting out over 950 retired racing greyhounds, Keystone Greyhounds is going out of business. Our last greyhounds found their forever homes on June 12th.

This was a very difficult decision for our President and Board members, but it was the right decision for our group. Our main focus now is to ensure all of our Keystone dogs and our Keystone families have the support they need long term. The board considered several options and has voted to turn over our assets and obligations to Wheeling Island Greyhound Adoption, headed up by Pam Webb. We have worked closely with Pam for the last 5 years, with nearly all of our dogs since 2011 coming from Pam. We know Pam's strong commitment and knowledge of the dogs and many years of experience make her the best choice possible. Pam will be handling all of Keystone returns for as long as there are Keystone dogs.

We know many of you are disappointed to see Keystone end. We share your feelings but this decision was absolutely necessary. It's been a great run, especially for those 950 greyhounds. We thank you for all your support through the years.

Click here to read the letter from our President, Dianne Shadle, to our Keystone members and families.